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2022 Florida and Alabama RV Park and Campground Association Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo

May 2022 • Location TBD

2022 Florida and Alabama RV Park and Campground Association Conference & EXPO

The 2022 Florida and Alabama RV Park and Campground Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo will be held in May 2022.  Location TBD.  The conference is a multi-day event bringing together RV Park and Campground owners, operators, managers, staff, and industry suppliers. This is a must attend event for anyone who is currently in the industry or wanting to get involved. Attendees will be treated to a wide-variety of professional speakers, industry experts, valuable education seminars, networking opportunities, and fun sessions that will improve your business, cut your expenses, promote your park, and motivate and train your staff. And last but not least, the conference features one of the best Supplier Expos in the nation showcasing the top products and services available today for the RV Park and campground industry. You can’t afford to miss this important event. Register Today!


gain confidence

Attending this conference will take away some of the anxiety you might feel about investing your life savings into a business.

conversation advantage

It will give you an advantage when you have conversations with professionals like bankers, CPA’s, and attorneys from whom you might seek advice during the buying process.

networking opportunities

You will have networking opportunities with campground owners where you can ask about their mistakes and triumphs, and grab some invaluable ideas and insights.

meet vendors

Get ahead of the purchase and meet vendors in the industry so you know who you want to do business with when your big day arrives.